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Teach your children and teens about money and investing now!

From the creator of Camp Millionaire®, The Money Game and Moving Out! for Teens, author of The Ultimate Allowance and co-author of Rocks to Riches.


Why Choose "Money...The Instruction Manual?"

Because teaching kids and teens about money is way easier than you may think!

Time goes by fast

It is never too early or too late to start teaching your children about money and investing.

As quick as a wink, your babies turn into kids who turn into teens who then, in a perfect world, move out on their own and have to take care of themselves.  

Time-tested financial wisdom

When you learn the rules to The Money Game early in life, so you have plenty of time to apply them to your life, you are far more likely to be able to create financial security for yourself and your family. 

Make money a family affair

You don't need to be a financial genius to prepare your children to handle money wisely.

Money...The Instruction Manual is designed for parents to learn right along with their children if they aren't financially savvy yet!

Verified Amazon Testimonial!

"Wow! This is all the things I wished I would have learned when I was a teenager! It's packed with ideas about ways to help your child understand money before they reach adulthood. It has a wide range of topics from signing contracts, budgeting, investing, and credit cards, to goal setting and controlling our thoughts and emotions. There are fun worksheets and quizzes for kids and lots of insights for adults, you can tell the author genuinely cares about kids and understands how to make learning about money fun! I love that this book is encouraging my teen and tween towards a life of financial freedom." Carson

Get These Bonuses When You Order Your Copy Of The Book Today

When you invest in Money...The Instruction Manual, you're not just buying a financial education book for children...you're joining a huge community of parents all over the world who want to ensure their kids learn about money. 

Bonus #1: PDF copy for extra pages

If you purchased the printed version of the book from Amazon, we want you also to have an electronic copy so you can print out additional workbook pages if you're teaching more than one child or a group of children. 

($14.95 Value)

Bonus #2: Money Jars Ebook 

Money Jars: Your Magical Money Management System gives you detailed instructions on how to set up your own brilliant financial system. 

$2.99 Value

Bonus #3: Money Principle Cards

We cover 30 of the most used, time-tested financial principles, habits, ideas, philosophies, etc. in the book. You can print out the business card sized principles, cut and use with your kids and teens to help them remember what it takes to grow up financially savvy.

$9.95 Value

Bonus #4: Old Age Visualization

Most kids and teens (and adults for that matter) have a very difficult time thinking about being an older person, however, when they do, they realize how important every decision and choice is.


Bonus #5: Money Habits Worksheet5

One of our favorite financial principles is the following...

"Your money habits always add up in the end."

We've included a great Money Habits worksheet you can print out for each child to use while they learn.


Bonus #6: Golden Goose Store

One of the simplest ways to instill any lesson, moral, principle, philosophy, etc. is to teach it using a story.

The story of the goose that laid the golden eggs is one such story. We include it for your reading pleasure.


Elisabeth and her trusty side-kick,

Jasmine the Newdle

About the Author

Money...The Instruction Manual was created by Elisabeth Donati.

Elisabeth is the creator of Camp Millionaire®, The Money Game and Moving Out! for Teens, author of The Ultimate Allowance, The Money Jars and co-author of Rocks to Riches...a kids' financial adventure based on the Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Realizing that far too many parents were simply ill-equipped to teach their own children about money, she created a book based on the highly effective and fun Camp Millionaire for parents to use to prepare their children to be financially responsible in life.

Contact Her

What Happy Parents are saying about Money...The Instruction Manual

I thought teaching my daughter how to be financially responsible was going to be a huge task but your book broke it down into bite-sized chucked so it was so easy help her learn. (p.s. I learned a lot too but please don't let her know that!). Thanks for creating such a great teaching tool. 

J. Grover

Mom of 10 year old

My son has been fascinated by the stock market for years but I knew if he didn't understand money basics, it was going to be hard for him to really understand money. Money...The Instruction Manual was exactly what I was looking for! It gave him a foundation and now he understands investing on a whole new level.

T. Billows

Father of 13 year old

I have twins and they couldn't be any more different when it comes to money. One saves while the other one spends! After having both of them learn with your book, they now understand and help each other make much better choices with their money. Thank you so much. 

F. Cramson

Mother of 15 year old twin girls

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